The General Assembly is the highest body within ECLA and meets twice a year in the respective countries of the members. Each national association sends a representative to the General Assembly.

The Executive Board consists of members of different nationality who do the day to day management of the Association. The Board has monthly meetings (often per telecom in view of the distance).

The General Manager takes care of the handling of the daily affairs of the Association.
The Annual Accounts of ECLA are controlled by an independent auditor.

For more detailed information see the Articles of Association.

Articles of Association 

French original:

AEJE  Statut

English translation:

ECLA  Articles of Association


Other documents (see also individual icons)

White paper on Independence
ECLA issued in 2014  a White Paper: Company Lawyers: Independent by Design. The White Paper focuses on the independence of company lawyers.

Code of Ethics
In May  2014 ECLA adopted her first Code of Ethics, based on and derived from the codes of ethics of the national associations.

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