Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of ECLA is a think-tank organized under the roof of ECLA for the questions of the profession of in-house lawyers in Europe.

The membership in the Advisory Council is governed by the "Golden Rules"

ECLA Advisory Council includes (in alphabetical order) the following selected experts:

Andreas Åström, Sweden, short biography, photo

Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Sweden, short biography, photo

Stéphane Baller, France, short biographyphoto

William Feugère, France, short biographyphoto

Maurits J. F. M. Dolmans, UK, short biographyphoto

Waldemer Koper, Poland, short biography, photo

Philippe Lambrecht, Belgium, short biographyphoto

Jeffrey L. Levy, USA, short biographyphoto

Hrvoje Markovinović, Croatia, short biography, photo

Kristina Nordlander, Belgium, short biography, photo

Aleksandr Popov, Estonia, photo

Prof. Christophe Roquilly, France, short biography, photo

Prof. Mari Sako, UK, short biography, photo

Jean-Charles Savouré, France, short biography, photo

Mauro Zamboni, Sweden, short biography, photo


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