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The International Distribution Institute (IDI) is an association established in 2004, which deals with matters involving international distribution law.

The main activity of IDI is to provide, through an Internet website (www.idiproject.com) all the information on agency, exclusive/selective distribution, franchising and other similar contracts (as well as other related matters, such as applicable law, arbitration, jurisdiction and recognition of foreign decisions), which may be needed by lawyers and practitioners who draft and negotiate international contracts of this type.

The website is particularly suitable for in-house lawyers, who frequently need information about foreign law and practice regarding distribution, particularly when they have to draft and negotiate contracts with foreign parties without involving a local lawyer (as is frequently the case with smaller contracts). At the same time, IDI offers the opportunity, through its country experts, to get in contact with highly specialized lawyers in the various countries.

Particularly, IDI organises each year a conference on topical issues regarding agency, distribution and franchising contracts.

Moreover, pursuant to the IDI/ECLA partnership agreement signed in October 2011, IDI undertook to organize seminars and conferences in cooperation with the ECLA National Associations on distribution issues agreed with the relevant National Association, taking into account the specific needs and interests of its members. All company lawyers who will subscribe to the IDI website after having attended to one of those seminars, will be granted a 50% discount on the subscription fee for the first year and a 25% discount for the following years, for the whole duration of the agreement.

For more information, please download the IDI brochure and/or visit the IDI website at: www.idiproject.com


Talklaw is a global comparative law resource created by General Counsel for General Counsel, which is published online at TalklawGlobal by TalklawMedia. Talklaw editions guide General Counsel and corporate leaders on today’s complex legal issues and cover topics ranging from Patent Litigation, to Construction, to M&A and EU Data Privacy. TalklawMedia also write reports, such as Information Governance For Lawyers, publish management articles and organize regular roundtable events called TalklawLive, for GC to discuss current issues with guest speakers. TalklawGlobal incorporates EuropeanGC, the knowledge portal for General Counsel in Europe, in addition to managing the popular EuropeanGC Group on Linkedin.

Publisher of www.TalklawGlobal.com 
Incorporating www.EuropeanGC.com

An Invitation to register for free Legal Newsletters.

Since 1998 the International Law Office (ILO) has been the leading online Legal Newsletter service provider. ILO is pleased to offer you the opportunity to register for these free email updates.

ILO provides instant updates on only the subjects you request. Each Newsletter is delivered via email once a week whenever there is a new update online. The countries covered are included in the subject line of the email, making it very easy and efficient for you to use.

In order to provide you with a first-class service, the Legal Newsletters are written by more than 500 of the world's leading lawyers from more than 100 jurisdictions. Over 33,000 corporate counsels and law firm partners have already registered for the Legal Newsletter service.

Below is a link to some comments on ILO from senior legal professionals at companies such as Lockheed Martin, Marathon Oil, Bank of America, Xerox and Dell. To register to the service simply follow the link below to our subscription page. If you think that any of your colleagues would like to register please feel free to forward the link on to them.


From JAMS: “In-house counsel has been the driving force behind much of the change in the provision of commercial legal services. Taking advantage of market liberalization in certain jurisdictions and more selective use of legal technology, corporate counsel have delivered impressive efficiency savings while continuing to add value to their company's bottom line.

Alternative dispute resolution has been part of that trend. More effective, more cost-efficient, and more enduring resolutions are both a responsible use of shareholder capital, and a more commercial solution to the unavoidable difficulties of doing business at home and abroad. As in the United States, European corporate counsel are increasingly active both leading and guiding parties to use alternatives to litigation, and in appointing appropriate mediators and arbitrators.

JAMS International asked companies what assistance they needed to effect speedier, cheaper outcomes to disputes across all territories. The answers were clear: experienced, respected mediators and arbitrators; people who understand their business; people who speak their language, understand their culture, traditions, and values; people who know local law, but have international experience. And finally, people who can resolve disputes anywhere in the world.

At JAMS International, we have those people, and service levels to match.

Download our clauses and see how we can add to your company's bottom line."

Lex Connect is the first complete, authoritative, Global directory of Software, Solutions and Consulting strictly for In-House Legal. Lex Connect makes it easier for In-House Legal (Buy-Side) to identify suitable suppliers.

Enjoy special:
–“Quick Search”: browse the directory
–“Solution Finder”: advanced matching engine. Identify suitable vendors based on your Legal Department size and company location

Read more here and go to:

A Press group here to support legal professionals

The Affiches Parisiennes have been assisting their clients for over 200years. This newspaper publishes an interview, legal analysis, and themed articles on company law, business life and the economy every week.

For legal and economic news : www.affiches-parisiennes.com

International Legal Alliance Summit and Awards (ILASA)  is organized once per year in a full day of conferences, business meetings and two awards ceremonies ensuring a senior level audience.

Dedicated to the legal profession, ILASA’s guests have the opportunity through the conferences to enrich with content from field experts on topics such as managing the legal department, intellectual property and international corporate finance.

ILASA’s one-to-one meetings also give the possibility to meet key representatives without touring the globe – an unique opportunity to broaden international referral networks and generate new business leads.

For detailed info please visit http://www.ilasummit.com/.


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